How to Get Your Life to Stop Sucking

Let me tell you all the ways my life sucked in the span of just FIVE days:

1. I got a speeding ticket Friday.

How to Get Your Life to Stop Sucking - I know life sucks sometimes, but you've got to get over it. EVERYBODY struggles sometimes. Do you want to stay in the struggle or lay into some progress? There's motivation in positive thinking. Click through to read how to make those changes or pin for later.
Does Your Life SUCK as Much as You Think it Does?

I’m pretty sure he gave me a ticket for the guy in front of me. There’s no way I was going that fast. Guess that’s just life. Oh, I was speeding, all right. But not that fast. That’s $222.00 that won’t be going to debt destruction. Every Dollar Goes To Work? Huh. That’s $222 that is going to work for the local officials.

2. I got a sunburn Saturday while hand-pulling weeds in our “disappointment garden.”

The whole time I was out there sizzling I thought, I should go put on sunscreen; I’m going to regret this. Totally regret. *UPDATE* Two weeks later: Peeling.

3. The Check Engine light came on in my car.


4. My husband thought he just had something in his eye, but now he thinks it’s pinkeye. That’s contagious.

We have two toddlers who are constantly sticking fingers in eyes, noses, and mouths. Grand.

5. I was so sure I was dying Monday that I started wondering if I had bought enough life insurance.

Seriously, I was sitting outside with a sweater on in 90 degree weather, freezing, not sweating. I felt like I was suffering tiny electrocutions. Or maybe it was micro-naps. Either way, driving home was terrifying. (Just FYI: I don’t do drugs.). I think I might have had a side effect to my medicine maybe.

6. That afternoon, we got a letter from the insurance company. They are canceling our homeowner’s insurance on the townhouse.

7. My son was sent home from daycare with hand, foot, & mouth disease on Tuesday.

8. This means we have to cancel dinner with friends Wednesday night because we don’t want to infect their kids.

I was really looking forward to hanging out with some friends. They make me feel like I’m not crazy.

9. I woke up with a huge rash.

Do I now have hand, foot, & mouth disease? I thought that was just for kids. No, apparently adults can get some of that joy, too.

10. I also found out my right-hand employee is transferring out of my office…His last day is three days from now.

I mean, I knew it was coming down the pipes, but it’s still a jolt. What am I going to do?

11. On the way home, the Check Tire light came on in the car.

The Check Engine light is still on.

12. And the internet has been down for, like, three days at home.

I finally called them about it and they can’t get a tech out here for 36 hours. That’s a lifetime of internet. They also would like to charge me a $125.00 fee, but will mark it down to $29.95 since I’m a first time caller.

Do you know what all this life sucking is telling me?

It’s telling me, I’m being set up for a big win. There’s absolutely no way life can continue down this crummy path. No. Something miraculous is An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back the difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.going to happen. Like, lottery good. At least, something really good. I keep repeating money mantras in my head and writing them in my day planner. I have more than enough money to meet my needs and wants. Do you have a money mantra?

Did you ever read The Secret(affiliate link)? It’s not really a secret anymore, so *SPOILER ALERT* the basic premise is…

You Bring About What You Think About.

What do you think about? Do you think about all the bills you have coming in, or all the money you have coming in?

Did you ever hear anyone say, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”? They’re bringing it on themselves. Either get far, far away from these people or tell them they’re lucky they met you. And believe it. Your life will stop sucking so much when you stop saying it does. Tell me all the ways your life is awesome! Tell me about all the amazing blessings you receive. Tell me how lucky you are.

Let us focus on the happy, the lucky, the blessings.
When we focus on these things, we invite more of them into our lives. It makes us more open to noticing them when they happen. Then, see how you can grow it into more good things. Like, my determined three year old has had zero daytime accidents all week! This is awesome! I’m so proud of his accomplishment! This is a skill that will be very useful his entire life! (Okay, I’m dramatizing, but seriously, it’s great, right?) Let’s grow it into more good things:

1. He’s also going to save us money because now we are only buying diapers for one child.
2. I think now might be a good time to discuss with my husband the possibility of Sting earning a small allowance so he can start learning how money works.

3. What else? His self esteem. He has confidence in his ability to master a skill. (I know what you’re thinking: pooping on the potty is a skill? Yes! Aren’t you glad you mastered it, too?) Now I can reference this skill when he is learning new skills. (Sure you can learn how to do XYZ; you learned how to use the potty like a big boy, didn’t you? You can do anything you set your mind to, my love!)

Things are starting to turn around for us.

We received a refund check this week from the hospital for an over-payment (How often does THAT happen?). Money comes to me from many sources. You’d better believe that I will be putting that money to work in repaying our debt.

I submitted a travel reimbursement request at work that will bring another $22 in the next week or two.

What else is great? Next week, I get to move my nameserver from GoDaddy to, which will make blog posting much easier for me and navigation easier for you.

That’s also the anniversary of the day my husband proposed to me in 2012. <3

It’s also a three-day weekend, so I get to spend more time with my family. We’re going to make popsicles and play in the sprinklers. Hope you get to do something fun on the Fourth.

I’m blessed. I’m lucky. I’m positive!

Who’s the “luckiest” person you know? Are they also positive people? There’s a correlation. Promise.

 ~ Erica

The original post was first published on on June 25, 2016 and has since been edited.


Original Post Comments:

Love the money mantras. I have been using daily affirmations for over a decade now for many aspects of my life and my family’s financial situation as well as our entire relationship has changed dramatically! They work! Looking forward to catching up with some more of your blog posts.

Erica Burton
6/27/2016 05:42:44 am

Dave! I’m so excited! You posted the first comment I’ve ever received on my blog! 🙂 Thanks!! I hope I can figure out how to bring it with me to the new host when I move the site on Thursday!

I’d love to hear what mantras and affirmations are your favorites! Been thinking about compiling a list of good ones to get people started. Did you ever see that episode on 30 Rock where they talked about “secreting”? LOL It’s a hoot!

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