Affiliate Relationships

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some posts may contain affiliate linksAny time I recommend a product or service, it is because I personally use and love it, or I’m discussing it in a post, and not necessarily because I receive any compensation. Sometimes a product I love has an affiliate program, and I will pursue becoming an affiliate for that product. 
Purchasing a product using any of my links may not reduce your purchase price (and certainly won’t increase it!), but I might be paid a percentage of your purchase for referring you to the product. I never refer products that I wouldn’t use myself or don’t love. My opinion is not for sale. 


That being said, here are some…

Services I Love

1. This is who I use to host my blog: Bluehost


Their customer service is fantastic!

Their prices are as low as I could find anywhere! I love them so much that I became an affiliate after my first interaction with their customer service team.

Poke around the internet and you’ll see that just about everyone who uses Bluehost has signed up to be their affiliate–that speaks to just how great they are. Ok, okay. They have a pretty sweet affiliate deal, too. But I really like them.



Don’t tell me you’ve never bought from Amazon before! (Do you live in a cave!?) I’ve been shopping with Amazon since 2005! They’re one of my favorite online retailers. I “Subscribe and Save” on all our diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, batteries, dishwasher tabs, all those things you can’t run out of when running your busy household.

 3. Boxed.comJoin with my link and get $15.00 off your first $60 order. They usually throw in free shipping on your first order, too. Buy in Bulk and SAVE!

No membership fee! Join using my link and you’ll get $15.00 off your first purchase and they’ll usually throw in free shipping. Combine with eBates for cash back. I buy the hubs’ Gatorade with Boxed. It’s 8.99 at the local Wal-Mart and over $13 on Amazon, but Boxed sells the Glacier Blue and Lemon Lime for $7.99. Sometimes, they run a sale at $6.99.

4. Money Saving Apps I use and love:

 PARIBUS is my new favorite.

Find out more and join here.

Seriously, zero effort. If a price drops, Paribus gets your money back for you.

Join using my link, make your first purchase, and get $10.00 bonus in your account!
or this link

Join using my link. Read my post on Swag Bucks Here.
Get a $5 bonus for signing up with my link and redeeming your first rebate! you can stack Checkout 51, Ibotta, and coupons on some of the same purchases for extra money off!
Checkout 51 is easier and faster to use than Ibotta, but doesn’t offer as much variety in items for purchase. Still, you can stack Checkout 51 and Ibotta on some of the same purchases (bananas, for example, sometimes) for extra money off!

Join Here

And have you downloaded the Honey extension? It tries a bunch of codes for you automatically when you go to checkout online and sometimes it can save you big money!




Top Cash Back I’m still learning about this one, but I got a free box of diapers one month and this month I got a bottle of Tide laundry detergent free.

Products I Love

1. Pilot G2

Bold Blue Ink Pens

…I don’t care what anyone says. I’m obsessed with this ink pen. I won’t even loan it to you if you forget your pen. Don’t take it personally. I just really love this pen. And I’m out of them right now. And I won’t let myself buy anymore until we sell the townhouse because, well, money.


2. Eight O’Clock Coffee.

A Consumer Reports favorite, year after year. I dig the hazelnut.

3. (pending application acceptance)

I’ve been shopping with Proflowers since 2002. The flowers are shipped in bud form to bloom for the recipient, which also means they tend to last longer. They also save me big money and frequently offer free shipping promotions. I’ve sent these flowers for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Congratulations, and Sympathy Occasions. I once even sent flowers to myself, just because. I’ve only had to contact customer service once in nearly fifteen years, and they were able to fix my problem immediately and to my complete satisfaction.