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PIN - Excuse 1 Homestead5 things I started doing to help my marigolds grow better. ‎PIN - Excuse 2 HomesteadPIN - Excuse 3 HomesteadPIN - Excuse 4 Homestead




Our chickens love fresh veggies from our farm! I re-purposed an old baby toy ball and hung it in the coop to hold fresh snacks off the ground. Click through to read about other ways to re-purpose junk to entertain your chickens or pin to read later.










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First Finance Post at where we talk about getting out of debt and building our homesteading venture. Here's our CTJ meeting, our sobering up on the status of our finances.How to Make Money with Swagbucks. I use this app in my "waiting time" when I'm waiting on people to get shoes on, waiting in the grocery store line, waiting for someone to pick me up....Earning SB to trade for Amazon gift cards!Is Debt Ruining Your Life? Why High School is Responsible. Erica at explains how to prevent high schoolers from graduating with zero financial knowledge.Does Your Life









How to Build a Budget in 7 Easy Steps. Free Budget Worksheets included. Click through if you're ready to make your own budget to achieve your dreams or pin for later. Net Worth and Debt - One Year Update. We reduced our total debt by over $108,000 in one year. Sign up for our frugal homesteading email and I'll give you a spreadsheet detailing how we did it!How to Pay for Christmas with Pre-Tax Money - You've got to read this! It makes me want to be super organized for Christmas! Click through now to read how to pay for Christmas with Pre-Tax money or pin to read soon.






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Our 2 farm dogs - Jenny and "New Dog"Dominecker Rooster on Burton Farm. We have Domineckers and Copper Maran Chickens.Juvenile TurkeyPicture